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Welcome to Writer's Area! Whether you write all the time, or just occasionally, writing allows us to share a part of ourselves with others. As of February 23, 2001, we have 36 child authors, 33 adult authors, and just about 150 writings. We invite you to join in and submit your writings to us!

Writing allows us to share a part of ourselves with others, but we can't share our writings with many people if they're not published. That's where we come in :-). Writer's Area is devoted to helping aspiring writers share their "family-friendly" work with the Internet!

Submit your short stories, poems, articles, or other writings -- yes, we know you have a pile of papers somewhere that you're just itching to share! How do we know? Because we are aspiring writers! Whether a writer writes every day, once a month, or even just once a year -- it's a great feeling to see your work in print, both online and off. Many aspiring writers don't get the chance to share their work because it can be very difficult to get work published. We know this.

If your writing is accepted, it'll either be added to our Adults area or our Kids area (both are family-friendly - please keep this in mind when submitting your work). Show the Internet Community what a wonderful writer you are! We'd appreciate it if you would comment on the work of others while you're here, in our Discussion Forums. Don't miss some helpful information and resources we have waiting for you in our Writer's Information area. There's so much more to come!

You're invited to grow with us and get published online! Gather all your writings, even if you don't think they're that good (let our Internet visitors decide for themselves), and submit them to Writer's Area today!

While you're here, check out some helpful Books for Writers!

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